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Are you an online retailer looking for a reliable courier partner?

We understand that growing your business means finding innovative ways to deliver an excellent customer experience. That is why we've developed an eCommerce solution that combines online choice with offline convenience, tailormade for small and medium-sized businesses.

By using DSV's eCommerce courier service, your customers simply click and pay online, and we'll take care of the rest, allowing you to focus on growing your business.

Seamless integration

Our Shopify and WooCommerce plugin seamlessly integrate your customers' buying and shipping process into our extensive national delivery network, at no additional cost to you or your customer. We also offer customers the choice between delivery to one of our Lockers located nationwide or to a specified address.

By choosing DSV as your eCommerce courier partner, your customers will have access to live shipping rates, while you have the ability to automate the dispatch process by predefining item information and shipping specifications.

Track your shipments

You will be able to track shipments through our easy-to-use online customer portal - DSV ClientZone - and our subscription services allow you to receive real time updates on shipment events.

Easy to use

The process is easy with DSV. Online orders will automatically sync to DSV ClientZone and your customer will be able to view chosen items in specific order, create the shipment booking and print the shipment labels. Once the shipment label has been printed, the shipment collection will be triggered for action by DSV's operational team, and an invoice will be generated upon successful delivery.

You will also be able to enjoy additional benefits through DSV ClientZone such as invoice visibility, operational and status update reporting, and viewing of delivery documentation and financials.

We'll keep your customers happy

We know what it takes to keep your customers happy - 100% product availability, smooth and fast delivery, and an easy return process.

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Easy eCommerce

As a DSV account holder you can also purchase vouchers to send parcels at a future date or to simplify the returns process for your customers.

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