Frequently asked questions

Where is the nearest DSV Locker®? Please help me locate DSV Locker® near me

You can easily find the nearest DSV Locker® by using our online map where you can input your location or search by address. This will provide you with a list of nearby DSV Locker® locations, ensuring convenient access for your parcel sending and collection needs.

Lost / Damaged parcel?

If you've encountered a lost or damaged parcel, please don't hesitate to reach out to DSV for assistance. Our dedicated customer support team is here to help you with any issues related to your parcels. You can contact us through our customer service hotline at 0861 803 080 or click here to get in touch with DSV. We understand the importance of your parcels and will work to resolve the situation promptly.

Change delivery my address?

Changing your delivery address with DSV is simple. You can initiate the process by reaching out to our customer service team via phone at 0861 803 080 or by completing this form. Provide them with your order or tracking number or ID number, along with the new address details. They will guide you through the necessary steps to update your delivery address and ensure your parcel reaches the correct location.

Missed a delivery?

Contact us by completing this form or phone our Customer Care on 0861 803 080

How can I contact DSV?

You can easily get in touch with DSV through multiple channels. Our customer service team is available to assist you. You can reach us by phone at 0861 803 080 where our representatives will address your queries and concerns. Additionally, you can reach us by completing this form for written communication. Feel free to visit our official website for more contact options and information about our services. We're here to help you with any assistance you need.

Are you aware that DSV has identified scammers using our reputable name?

Beware of scammers exploiting DSV's reputable image to trick unsuspecting job seekers into applying for fake positions. These fraudulent job ads are frequently found on platforms like Facebook and search engines. Stay cautious and consider the following tips to verify the legitimacy of an DSV job advertisement:

  • DSV and our recruitment partners don't advertise job openings on Facebook.
  • We won't provide a cell phone number for contact.
  • Manual or emailed applications are not accepted.
  • We don't communicate with potential employees via WhatsApp.
  • Our official email addresses use the DSV domain ( or
  • Crucially, we never ask for money during the recruitment process.

If you're interested in a career at DSV, you can explore and apply for genuine vacancies through our online job portal or our official recruitment partner, PNet.

How do I complete a locker waybill?

When completing the sender's and receiver's information on the Locker waybill, make sure to include the complete addresses along with accurate contact details, to ensure successful and on-time delivery.

What can I not send via DSV Locker®?

Please note the following restrictions when using a PAK.

  1. PAKs are not suitable for deliveries destined to mines, embassies, appointment-based deliveries, informal settlements, or for transporting tender documents.
  2. Please avoid using PAKs for fragile, dangerous, hazardous, illegal, or perishable goods.

It's important to remember that parcels falling within the categories mentioned above, or those with incomplete delivery information, will not be eligible for delivery. This information helps us ensure a smooth and secure delivery process for all parcels.

Where can I send parcels to using DSV Locker®?

DSV lockers® are strategically located at over 250 Engen service stations across the nation, providing you with a safe and flexible courier option to send and receive parcels.

With the locker-to-door delivery option, you can send parcels to different locations all over South Africa through DSV's extensive network. Simply drop off your parcel at a DSV locker®, and our courteous Couriers will handle the rest. Covering over 1600 towns daily, our service ensures comprehensive coverage throughout South Africa.

How long does a locker delivery take?

Parcels are handled on weekdays from 8 am to 5 pm. This ensures efficient processing and transportation within the designated timeframe. For main centres, expect delivery to occur between 1 to 4 working days. For other areas, the expected delivery timeframe ranges from 1 to 6 business days.

Where can I find my tracking reference?

After completing the necessary steps, don't forget to tear off and retain the "Sender's Receipt." This receipt serves as your tracking reference, allowing you to monitor the progress of your parcel with ease.

DSV Locker® Terms & Conditions

The sender warrants that they have authority to contract with DSV on behalf of the owner of the goods on these terms and conditions. DSV is not a public or common carrier. DSV does not carry fragile, dangerous, or hazardous goods and the sender is liable for all and any damages and losses which result from carriage of same. Goods are carried at owner's risk.

DSV's maximum liability for loss or damage to goods, howsoever caused, will be R250 per shipment, regardless of the value of the goods. DSV is not liable in any circumstances for any consequential or indirect losses or damage, howsoever caused. Any claim in respect of loss or damage to goods must be received by DSV within 7 days of dispatch, failing which DSV will have no liability whatsoever.

Any questions?

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